Arkadi Berezovski, PhD
Senior Research Fellow

Research Interests:
My primary research interest is in understanding, modeling, and predicting the dynamic response of microstructured materials. This means that my research can be classified into three major categories:

Thermomechanics of solids with microstructure:
Conventional theories of continua do not provide a description of a microstructural influence ecause material elements are regarded as indistinguishable pieces of matter, Different methods can be used to obtain the governing equations of generalized continuum mechanics. Recently, it was demonstrated that thermodynamic principles and dual internal variables in the context of a second-order weakly nonlocal theory provide a straightforward and simple way of generalizing.

Propagation of discontinuities in solids: Numerical simulations of dynamical problems in inhomogeneous solids face significant challenges when moving discontinuities such as phase transition fronts or cracks exist. The source of these difficulties is a constitutive deficiency in the thermomechanical description of corresponding irreversible processes, which causes uncertainty in jump relations at moving discontinuities.

Direct numerical simulation of dynamics in materials with given microstructure:
Elastodynamics problems can be solved using a variety of numerical methods. Only a few of them, however, are stable and accurate at discontinuities. As a result, numerical simulations are carried out using a modified finite-volume wave-propagation algorithm, which provides a stable and high-order accurate solution of elastodynamics problems in inhomogeneous solids.

Contact Information:

Arkadi Berezovski
Department of Cybernetics
School of Science
Tallinn University of Technology
Ehitajate tee 5
19086 Tallinn Estonia

Office: Ehitajate tee 5, U02-326
E-mail: arkadi.berezovski at

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